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Want Your Ex Back? How to Beat the Odds! 

If you want your ex back after a bitter break up, the odds are most likely stacked against you. The intense emotions that come with a separation often run very deep. Even if you can get past your share of the pain, chances are high that your ex may find it more difficult to forgive and forget. The good news is you don’t want them to completely forget what happened! What you want is to deal with the problems and move forward with a valuable lesson learned on both ends.

The most important step is not to let communications completely lapse between the two of you. Once you have stopped talking or seeing one another around town, the odds of getting back that spark of love stack against you even more. It is important not to call incessantly or at all hours of the night, but you do want to check in with them regularly so they know you have not moved on and forgotten about them.

If you are lucky enough to have an ex that does let you into their feelings and emotions over the break up, then it is important not to dismiss their thoughts. They likely see things very differently than you do, but that does not make them wrong! Validate their feelings and try to figure out exactly what they want in a relationship.

The next step is to honestly evaluate if you can be what they want at this point, and to let them know if you think you can. Don’t promise to change and become someone you are not, but if there are things you can honestly work on to strengthen the relationship let them know you realize that fault and will improve.

If you really want your ex back, it is time to get honest with yourself and with them. Admit your faults and be willing to do what it takes to straighten out your own issues. It is very likely that your ex will recognize your efforts and make their own in return.


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