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Truly Loving Someone


It may happen at any moment, you meet someone and your whole world is suddenly right. Your knees

start to shake and you find it hard to breathe. Your heart is beating wildly and you feel all

warm inside.

This is known as love at first sight. Many people experience it everyday, but keeping that

feeling alive throughout your relationship reqires a little work.When you first meet someone and

fall in love, the excitment of not knowing everything about that person intensifies all of the

feelings and makes everything seem great at the beginning.

As the relationship grows and you become comfortable with one another the warm fuzzy feelings

start to wear off. So how do you keep those at first sight feelings alive? I'm sorry to say that

those feelings won't last, but if there is real love there then what follows those first feelings

is much more deeper than you can imagine.Truly loving someone takes on new meaning as we need to

understand that love grows and changes as the relationship goes from all out passion to being

satisfied with just holding one another.

I know what you are thinking. You are thinking of wanting to keep the hot, lusty, passionate

feelings you had in the beginning, but as I said before love changes and if you are not willing

allowing it to change, then you are going to run into some problems along the way.I know it has

been said many times before and you probably have heard it a million times before, but if the

saying wasn't true then it would be worth repeating a millions times or two. Communication is the

true key to any lasting relationship.

Have you ever wonder at how some marriges last for 50 years or more and others only fall apart

within their first year or two? The lasting marriages were based around communication. They were

willing to communicate with one another in order to work out their differences and to keep their

love alive.

Communicating effectively with one another will keep the guessing game out of the relationship.

If you want your partner to understand how you feel, tell them. Don't assume that just because

you go around the house in a bad mood that they are going to know what has caused that type of

behavior. Humans are incapable of reading each others minds.

Yeah it would be alot easier for us to understand one another, but it would most likely get us in

more trouble then what we asked for.So in order for us to keep love alive in our relationships we

have to communicate. A little bit of romance helps a lot too. If its been awhile since you spent

any time alone with your partner,go out on a date. Do something that you both enjoy. touching and

kissing or holding hands can add the spark that may be missing. Romance each other every now and

then. Love one another.