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Tips to Get an Ex Wife Back – Use Connections

There is one difference between going through a break up with a girlfriend, and facing the end of a marriage. In most cases, you have shared a lot more time with this person and have a stronger bond with them. On the flip side, there is often a lot more hurt involved with losing an ex wife who you are used to living. The change in daily routines and going from living with someone else to being alone is often the hardest part of a marriage disruption. Yet, if you want to get an ex wife back, those strong ties can also work in your favor.

Once you became a married man, you took on another family. Your in-laws and friends of your ex wife may not be your favorite people in the world, but they can play a part in how you eventually get your ex wife back. The trick is to enlist the help of people who remain an influential force in your ex wife’s life, without letting them know they are being used in this manner.

Think of friends and family members that you have a decent relationship with. You don’t want to approach someone who has always been against the marriage, so pick out those that you have been friendly with and spent a lot of time with during the marriage. Talking to these people will feel more natural.

You do not want to stalk them down or make it obvious that you are trying to win them over. Just find subtle ways to let them know you are hurting, that you really love your ex wife, and want to work things out. Be aware of body language and appearances, because these are more likely to be reported to your ex wife than your exact words. You want to appear heart broken and open, but not desperate.


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