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The 3 Most  Mistakes about Get Your Ex Back


Every day many couples get back together,so don't give up hope but don't make the same mistakes most people make when trying to get an ex back.Rushing in blindly to try and salvage your relationship will usually end up pushing your ex further away,the following is three mistakes that people make.

1  Feeling frantic to get your ex back can cause you to act in ways you normally wouldn't. Remember that your ex knows you better than anyone and can tell when you're acting the slightest bit desperate. Becoming more distant is how your ex will react to this type of behavior. This is how almost anyone reacts when feeling pressured. Don't fall into the trap of throwing yourself at your ex. It doesn't work.

2  Are you calling you ex a lot, emailing them, trying to convince them to get back together, or basically any method of "fighting" to get your ex back? You must stop this type of behavior its only making the situation worse by pushing them away.

Instead, give the relationship a healthy break. Get your head clear and develop your inner strength and independence. This will be a challenging time for you and you'll have to resist the urge to return to your old ways.

3 You're not trying desperately get your ex back anymore and this changes the energy between you. Your ex will be much more attracted to you now that you've become somewhat detached and unavailable yourself. You can still let them know you're open to the possibility of getting back together, but you do it in a way that shows you are not going to chase after them.

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