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Is it Possible to Get Back with Your Ex? Obvious Signs They Are Interested!

If you want to get back with your ex, it can be painful to take that first step to let them know you are still into them. The risk of being rejected and intensifying the emotional turmoil that you felt over the original break up is huge, and so many people avoid further pain by just letting go of an ex they truly love. Don’t let that happen to you! Would you take that first step if you had some concrete signs that your ex also wants you back? I bet you would!

The great news is that there are some very obvious signs that your ex wants you back just as badly as you want them. Pay attention to the clues they may be sending, and you could find yourself get back with your ex easier than you ever imagined!

The biggest sign of interest an ex can send is to keep in consistent contact with you over time. An ex who sincerely is done with the relationship and has no lingering feelings will often disappear completely, making no attempt to contact you at all. If your ex is making phone calls for petty reasons, or just to see how you are doing or to say happy birthday, then chances are they want to hold the door open in case the relationship can be sparked once again.

Further, if your ex continually “bumps” into you at times or in places that they typically would not be, it’s likely they are going out of their way to cross your path. Similarly, they may use mutual friends to send messages to your or pass on clues that they are still interested.

Finally, you have a very good chance to get back with your ex if they are sending you physical clues of interest. Look for the same signals that are used when you first meet someone new, such as flirting, smiling, and gently brushing up against you. Those are all good signs they want you back, too!

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