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How to Get Girl Friend Back? Pretend You Were Never Together

When your girlfriend leaves you, it can be a bad feeling and if you still care for your girlfriend, you are going to be thinking about her a lot more than you should be. When you see breakups on television, you will be able to relate to it. Chances are you are down and depressed. You probably have not eaten all day as you do not have an appetite. Instead of sitting their sulking and thinking about how terrible your life has become, you should look into how to get girl friend back. The truth is that you have many options of how to get girl friend back, but you will need to stay calm about it or you will get nowhere.
If you are wanting to get your girl back, then at the minimum, you should wait a couple of weeks. If you feel you need to take more time, then take it. What it all comes down to is the fact that you will need to be able to talk to your ex girl friend without feeling all emotional about it because those emotions will get in the way. When you finally get a chance to come face to face with your ex girlfriend, you should be exciting and fun, just like you were in the past. The key here is to not be the guy the girl broke up with, you should be the guy the girl fell in love with. You should never blame the girl for the break up, even if the break up was her fault. Sometimes, things should go left unsaid and this is one of those times. In order to get your ex girlfriend back, you should pretend that you were never together in the beginning.


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