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How to Get Back with Your Ex – Without Drama! 

If there are two things in the world that fit together perfectly, it is a recent separation and intense emotional drama. If you are rational minded enough to realize that knock down, drag out fights or trying to one up one another in the dating scene is not going to fix the problem, then you should be congratulated! You are one step ahead of most people. It is possible to get back with your ex without reducing yourself to less than attractive behaviors!

Instead of wasting your time brooding and crying over the wrongs you feel your ex has committed against you, it is more productive to spend some honest reflection on what you could have done better in the relationship. Where were your shortcomings? Was there something that you really regret but never discussed or apologized to your ex for?

It is extremely difficult to look at yourself critically and admit your shortcomings, but you have a much higher chance to get back with your ex if you can let them know that you own your share of the blame. It is a good idea to ask a close friend or relative to give you some honest feedback, as they often notice things you do not realize you do!

Also, you need to understand completely what you want from the relationship. You can then try to understand what your ex wants, and come to them with ideas of how you can compliment one another in the future. If there are hard feelings your ex may not be ready or willing to speak with you at lengths, and it is important to give them space in that case. Eventually they will be ready.

One note in parting. Space does not mean you disappear completely. Run into them occasionally, send an email or give a phone call at regular intervals. Just do not spend every day chasing them down or you will only push them further away.



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