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How NOT to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

There is a lot of advice floating around on how to get an ex back, but very few people will take the time to fill you in on how not to get your ex girlfriend back! When it comes down to it, the ways to effectively win her back over are as varied as the personalities behind the break up. There just is no telling, since what works with one person does not necessarily work for another. Yet, there are a few things that absolutely do not work, no matter what kind of woman you are dealing with.


If you think flaunting a new women on your arm is going to make her jealous and run right back into your arms, think again. This may work on occasion, but for most men it back fires big time. Likely, she will either think you have moved on and do the same herself. By the time you realize it did not work it may be way too late.


Calling at all hours of the night or sitting outside her home waiting for a chance to talk to her is not showing you care. It’s harassment and could land you in serious trouble. It is important to back off and give her time to miss you some. Annoying and agitating is not the way to get your ex girlfriend back!

Complete Cut-Off

The absolute worst thing you can do is to completely disappear from her life. It is necessary in some cases to give her some space to cool off and deal with emotions, but if you completely go off the radar it is easier for her to forget about you altogether. Keep in contact and let her know you are still there when she is ready to talk, but don’t go overboard.

Basically, there is a very delicate balance to be found between being open to discussion and becoming a nuisance she grows to hate. Think twice before using any of the above tactics!


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