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How Do You Get Back Your True Love?

How does a person go about getting back their true love? How did everything go so wrong when everything felt so right? When two people fall in love they often are disillusioned by the idea of being in love. They fantasize how perfect their partner is and easily over look flaws in the beginning thinking that they can change them later as the relationship progresses.
As the relationship grows and they become comfortable around one another, they start to notice or show their true nature. One may become too clingy or possessive or demanding, and when the other cannot handle the stress from that type of relationship they move on. Leaving behind the other person wondering what went wrong.

So what is it that makes a strong relationship last? Well, one must look deep within and honestly ask themselves what do they expect from the relationship? How do they want it to be? What are they really expecting from their partners, and what is their partner expecting in return? Are they really ready to commit to this person?

I don抰 have the answers to these questions because each person is different and they expect different things, but to get your true love back you have to know for certain if they feel the same about you. If they left you for someone else then they probably don't have the same feelings for you as you do for them. When you are certain that they feel the same as you and they are your true love, tell them honestly how you feel and be open about it. Don抰 be too pushy or you抣l push them away.

Wait for them to come to you. Don抰 reach for the phone every time it rings or you think of them.

Get out and do something good for yourself. Let them see you having a good time without them, but try not to be obvious. Really have some fun without them and they will realize what they are missing out on and start rethinking about why they left you.

They will realize that you are able to still have a life without you depending on them for happiness. This will do 2 things 1. They will realize how much they miss you and want to come back and 2. They will realize that since you don't have to depend on them for happiness, they want to be the one making you happy.

Once they ask you if they can come back listen to what they have to say. Communication is the key. Let them know what you want out of the relationship and them. Don't try to change them.

Make time for one another and each other. Don't depend on your partner for all your happiness; you have to learn how to be happy with yourself.


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