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Getting your ex back and being happy

At one point you and your ex had to have been happy right? Otherwise, why would you have been in a relationship for so long? Maybe you want to get your ex back and get back to that happy spot you guys were in. We all know that happy spot, that so in love cannot take your eyes off of each other spot! So, if the two of you were happy like that when you were together, why
can抰 you be happy like that all over again?

Sometimes in relationships, the flame between the two of you can die out, and you findyourself in a rut of some sorts. A rut can be a hard place to get out of in a relationship, because it just means that the two of you are just content and do not want to make any effort to change anything, which leads to a break up. If you looking forward to getting your ex back and return to that happy place again, try taking a different approach to things.

Before you even consider this decision and taking this approach you need to analyze how this step is actually going to affect you as a person. If you feel that you are incredibly unhappy without your other half, then try and look at what can be changed to make sure that your flame does not die out all over again. Make sure that you give this thought more than just a week or two after breaking up. The two of you might need some serious time apart, to actually find out if you miss each other or not. If you do decide to get back together, then stay out of that rut by trying out new activities! Go for nightly walks together or stay at home and play some simple board games, it is an excellent way to reconnect with one another. You are getting back together for a reason, you still care about each other, but that may not have been enough the first time, so you need to test things out, and go about it a different way.
Getting your ex back and still being happy is completely possible, if you go about it the right way, and you know that you are doing it for the right reasons. Remember to change it up a little bit, get together and do different activates, get out and be active! If you have decided that getting back together is the right choice, make sure that the two of you stay away from that black hole they call a rut, if you can do this the second time around, who knows, you may be hearing wedding bells soon!

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