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Do You Want To Get Back To Your Only True Love?

Most people make the mistake of letting their true loves leave before they even know that it is true love. Then they wonder how to get them back. They may even go as far as calling them, sending them flowers, writing them a poem, or pouring their heart and soul out to get back true love. The real question should be why did you leave and can you go back?

Depending on the circumstances on why you left and if your true love wants you back, you may have a chance of getting them back. A lot of people leave relationships for many reasons; fear of commitment lack of trust, respect, or communication just to name a few. Many relationships fail because people fail to communicate what they are really needing or wanting from their partner.

They expect their partner to know what they want or need, when in actuality they don抰 have a clue. Human beings cannot read minds. If we could we would all be in trouble. As for fear of commitment, if you truly want to be with your true love then nothing should stand in your way.

Look inside yourself and ask where this fear is really coming from? It could be something different altogether. Fear of commitment usually stems from the fear of losing one identity.

Instead of being viewed as a single person, you are now being linked with someone else. Also the fear of losing freedom is associated with this as well. The freedom to go out and do as you please without having someone to tag along is something that people need and crave. When they feel like that is being taken away from them they start to pull away.

When someone loses respect and trust from their partner they feel like they are no longer needed or loved. They will often become distant and resentful. So after a lot of soul searching and finding the honest answers to your questions you may then ask yourself am I ready to go back to my true love, and if the answer is yes then by all means let them know that you want to come back. Tell them of your journey to self discovery.

Make communication the main key to your relationship. Let them know everyday how much they mean to you. Shower them with unconditional love and trust and always be supportive of whatever they do. This will make for a rock solid foundation for a lasting relationship that will last for a lifetime. True love sometimes needs to take a break in order to realize that it is true love.

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