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Different Types Of Love


I know what you are thinking. How could there possibly be more than one type of love? Most people

think that love is being withsomeone because you care for one another. Love is much more

complicated than that and has varying degrees of how much you love someone. So we will start with

the definition of true love.What is true love?

True love is loving someone beyond the point of seeing anything else. You will give and do

anything just to spend time with somone or be near them. It is a form of unconditional love. To

truly love someone you must love them no matter what mistakes or failures they endure. Stay by

them and support them in everything thing they do.

Unconditional Love is being able to love someone without limits or conditions. You do things for

them with out questions or wanting anything in return. You love freely and openly, and you put

others before yourself.Unconditional love is often found in among close family and close friends.

You would give your life for them without a second thought about it.

Conditional love is loving someone with conditions or limits to how you love them, or want

something in return. You only love someone if they do or say the right things, but if they stop

doing those things,you stop loving them. Most people don't realize they put conditions on their

love, and this is the most common form of love that we grow up to belive is truly love.

As children if we were good or behaved ourselves and were obedient then we were given praises

and love for being good. So we think if I am good then people will love me. You should be loved

for who you are and without conditions. Don't let someone put conditions on your love.

The form of imitation love is defined as anything that replaces what we think is real love. It's

to fill the empty void that is there from the lack of real love. Some people will use material

things such as money or drugs to erase the emptiness inside even if its just for a short while.

This puts them even deeper into the emptiness because of the depression they feel when the

satisfaction of money and drugs wear off.

Romantic love is deep and unending. It is itimate, intense and usually associated with sex and

demands more from a relationship. Romantic love is different for everyone because everyone has a

different opinion on what romance should be. It starts out intense and full of passion for some.

Others perfers to take things slow and let it build from there.

What type of relationship are you in? Do you love the one you're with unconditionally? Or are you

truly in love or just looking to fill a void? You may be surprised at what you discover.