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A lifetime of Unconditional Love

The most powerful thing that you could ever recieve in this world is unconditional love. What is
unconditional love? It is the act of loving someone without wanting anything in return. It is a
way of being selfless, putting others before yourself without conplaint or regards to your own
needs. To make someone happy and want nothing in return.

Take an infant for an example, they are born to give love and be loved in returned. They do not know right from wrong or hate. They give love unconditionally because they do not know how to hate. As they grow older, the society and adults are the ones that teach the infant of hate, and prejudice. They do not know of wars, racism,or violence.

It is we the people who have to learn how to love again. Not just among our nation, but among all the countries of the world.We must become like babies again to learn love unconditional again. If we could learn to love everyone unconditionally there would be no more wars,killing,racism, or prejudice left in this world. The whole world would be at peace and everyone would prosper.
Everyone would have a lifetime of love to enjoy and not have to worry about getting ahead in life or making it big before someone else does. We would all be equal, there would be no one superior to another. So how do we get the whole world to love unconditionally? We do it by looking past our differences and realize that we are all the same.

Underneath the different skin tones are the souls of the human race. we breath the same air, we laugh, love, and hurt the same, but we only see that among our own race. We refuse to see it in anyone else who lookes or acts different from us. I say that their should be only one race and that is the human race.

Think about it, we would no longer be divided,but united as one nation. Everyone would be equal, and no one would have to know what its like to go hungry again or to be poor because we would help each other to provide enough for everyone. The world would be at peace and finally know unconditional love.


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